Almost done for the semeter

I'm just about done with the College Fall term. So far I'm going well in Reading and Math, The Student Success isn't going to well, but will made up that grade. I now had to study for the exam and buy supplies for the Spring Term.
hero dash

Well, I guess I probably should make a post!

Hello Everyone,

I thought now that its been annouced that this community is here, that I better make a post :)

Dava made this community known to me after I found out that running a fanlisting is very hard, and the PHP scripts got the better of me. Because of legal stuff, Dava has to be careful about reading people's KT story ideas etc, so this community is basically for all us fans to let our imaginations run wild! Post fanfics, Discuss stories, Post fanarts and all other kinds of things.

I have never run a community before, so if you have any ideas, please share them with me. I hope this cimmunity turns out to be a fun place to post while we all wither and die waiting for another Kimonos Townhouse to hit our screens!